Skid Mounted Packages

SCS Electrical Ltd have developed a particular field of expertise in delivering Electrical and Instrumentation Skid packages on skid mounted modular systems for Companies such as Daniel Emerson who supply Fiscal Metering Systems to Clients all over the World.

Our Engineers have been engaged in this specialised field delivering packages to the highest standards for over 30 Years. The skid mounted modular systems are particularly challenging due to the variety of specifications and standards that are required to be adhered to with the variety of Clients from different environments throughout the Global market.

Specifications range from ARAMCO Specifications primarily for Middle Eastern and American markets to the NORSOK Standards which govern the requirements in the Norwegian Sector of the North Sea and on shore facilities.

As you can appreciate the quality control, inspection and acceptance processes are extremely arduous due to the extremely hostile and hazardous environments that these modules are destined for the quality and attention to detail offered in the assembly of these packages has got to be to the highest standard. On completion of the assembly of these modules they fully inspected and tested by our engineers prior to factory acceptance testing taking place.