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Pest infestations can often happen and can lead to property and produce damage, and a loss of reputation. SCS provide an integrated approach to our service and will often advise on best practice. Our consideration is to the environment and the follow on risk to wildlife. The products that we use are for professional use only and we will always consider non-toxic methods as an option.

Did you know?

1. Feral birds carry more diseases than rats.

2. Fleas and mites are spread by pest birds.

3. Wet bird fouling is slippery and can be dangerous.

4. Bird fouling blocks gutters and contaminates air conditioning.

Without effective bird control, birds can cause a variety of problems including:

1. Damage to buildings.

2. Property defacement.

3. Health hazards.

4. Accident hazards.

5. Personal safety hazards.

6. Increased maintenance costs.

Bird prevention measures

Cleaning fouling is pointless without taking steps to proof the area and prevent the return of the problem, we recommend using netting or perching deterrents to protect the building in the future.


Fine Mesh UV resistant polyethylene netting in a range of colours is used to screen areas completely, so denying bird’s access to areas such as light wells, roofs, the underside of canopies and porticos, and other roosting points.

Spring Wire Installation

Used for ledges, sills, cornices and other level perching surfaces, this system consists of BS 316 grade stainless steel posts and spring tensioned plastic coated wire in one or more rows designed to prevent birds from landing in public areas can be installed on most horizontal surfaces.

Spike Systems

Also designed to prevent birds from landing, this system consists of stainless steel pins in single or multiple configurations mounted on a polycarbonate base. Flexible enough to cope with varying surface contours as well as light fittings and signs.

Bird Control and Deterrence


1. For owners of commercial and public property flocks of feral pigeons can be a real nuisance. The birds thrive in towns and cities where rubbish provides a ready food source, the buildings offer a convenient roosting site and there are no real predators.

2. The problems they cause include property damage, unsightly fouling, risk to health and loss of goodwill.

3. As well as pigeons, gulls are also becoming an increasing nuisance and not just coastal areas. Starlings and Sparrows, although are protected species also need to be excluded from property in certain situations.


1. A specialist service to proof buildings against bird infestations.

2. Systems include netting to exclude birds from specific areas and spring wire or pin based spike perching deterrents. Installations are designed to have the minimum of visual impact.

3. This is not pest control – the objective is always to deter birds from perching and roosting but leave them totally unharmed.

Health Risks

1. Ornithosis – a flu type disease most commonly found to be transmitted by birds such as pigeons. Fatalities can occur.

2. Cryptococcosis – A very serious and potentially fatal lung infection which can progress to the brain causing meningitis.

3. Salmonellosis – Present in upwards of 90% of feral pigeons and to a slightly lesser degree in Starlings.

4. E.Coli – a diarrhoeal disease contracted orally by ingesting contaminated food or water. Recent research has linked its spread to gulls.

Removing Fouling

1. Using a professional fouling removal programme with procedures backed by COSHH and risk assessments, detailed method statements and specifications plus full compliance with transport and waste disposal regulations.

2. Full precautions are taken in case the fouling is contaminated. Before removal, the fouling is doused in a biocidal solution that will nullify the effects of any diseases and neutralise the faeces. Waste matter is placed in sealed containers for safe removal from site.

3. Once clear, the site is treated with a residual insecticide to eradicate insects which are known to dwell in bird fouling. Then after a final clean there is a further biocidal treatment to deliver a sterile environment.


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