SCS Analytics

SCS Analytics supplies, designs, installs and maintains complete online analyzer systems and provides services to suit the requirements of many diverse manufacturing processes that require online analysis measurement solutions.

SCS Analytics also provide systems integration that includes sample handling and conditioning, analyzer house builds, power distribution, gas detection etc.

We define and execute projects to meet our customers’ requirements and ensure compliance to European and international standards.

We provide services for the following analysis systems:

  • Analyzer Systems Complete
  • Analyzer houses/shelters and equipment certified for hazardous areas. Systems design integration.
  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems CEMs (to comply with IPPC, LCP & EN14181)
  • SOX/NOX/NO2/HCL etc
  • Gas Chromatography
  • Gas/Liquid Injection/Headspace analysis/Sparger systems etc
  • Sample Systems
  • Liquid and Gas conditioning systems to suit the design application
  • Physical Property Analyzers
  • Flashpoint/Cloud Point/Distillation/RVP etc
  • Water Treatment

SCS Analytics