SCS Construction

At SCS we offer complete industrial and commercial interior solutions to suit your specific design requirements. Our experience, expertise and cost-effectiveness is your guarantee of a successful project using systems from two of Britain’s top manufacturers – British Gypsum and Armstrong.


SCS can design and install British Gypsum metal stud partitions including shaftwall and gypliner systems, which provide a high standard of internal finish within all types of buildings. These systems are designed to satisfy the most demanding fire, thermal and acoustic performance requirements and at the same time be simple and quick to install.

Joinery Work

SCS are market leaders in ScotlandĀ for the supply and installation of Joinery works. We pride our self on delivering ‘ Snag Free’ product to our clients. We specialise in Doorsett, ranging from Timber Veneers, Laminates, Paint Grade and PVC Encapsulated Doors. We also supply and install, bespoke Timber Screens and Panelling, to suit the clients needs. We can provide aforementioned to various levels of acoustic and fire requirements. We supplement our Doorsetts with full Ironmongery packages, Timber and MDF finishes, depending on clients and project specification. Our aim is to leave the client with a ‘Snag Free’ product, on time and on budget.


Our team at SCS are highly skilled and dedicated tradesmen who all have several years experience of installing systems which are matched by our track record of successful projects, gives you the assurance and peace of mind that your installation will be completed successfully.