Moni Malawai

SCS Group were first introduced to Moni Malawi in 2009, by Mr Scott McMillan, Chairman. When details of his charity were first introduced to SCS Group, we were made aware that there was no water facility in Kambudza.

SCS Group immediately offered to install a working water well.

While visiting Kambudza, Mr Roddie, M.D. of SCS Group and his wife Lynda, noticed that there were no adequate school facilities, except from a blackboard fitted under a tree, to teach the children. Mr Roddie wanted to offer his help to the village, by building a two classroom school.

In addition to the classrooms, two houses were built to accommodate the teachers of the school. At present, over 800 children attend the Christian school in Kambudza, attending from nursery up to Primary 8.

In the past, children could only attend the school up to Primary 5. Before the school facilities were built Kambudza had the worst school in the area, however it now has the best! In addition to their education, the children also receive one meal per day, at a minimal cost of only £5.81, per child, per year.